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All of the following books are set in Upper Michigan

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Barr, Nancy - Upper Michigan Mysteries with a female newspaper reporter turned detective.

Page One: Hit and Run by Nancy Barr Page One: Vanished by Nancy Barr Page One: Whiteout by Nancy Barr

Behrend, Carl - local writer, songwriter, and musician writes about sailing the Great Lakes

The Legend of the Christmas Ship by Carl Behrend Adventure Bound by Carl Behrend
Bohnak, Karl - celebrity U.P. weatherman, Karl Bohnak, tells the history of Upper Michigan weather, including the greatest storms and blizzards of our history. So Cold a Sky by Karl Bohnak Michigan's Upper Peninsula Almanac by Karl Bohnak and Ronald Jolly
Brady, Jenifer - Author of the Abby Camp Days Series. Return to Summer Camp Memories in Upper Michigan. Jenifer Brady Jenifer Brady
Lost Swimmer Drill by Jenifer Brady
Favorite Camper by Jenifer Brady Camp Expert by Jenifer Brady Cabin Secrets by Jenifer Brady
Bradley-Holliday, Valerie - is an Upper Peninsula author with two published books, Places to Be Blessed and Northern Roots and third book, Elmwood is in progress. Places to Be Blessed by Valerie Bradley-Holliday Northern Roots by Valerie Bradley-Holliday
Buege, Larry - author of Cold Turkey, a political satire, and proponent for making the Amorous Spotted Slug the state slug of Michigan. Cold Turkey by Larry Buege
Cabell, Brian - UP author whose novel, Money in the Ground, fictionalizes a present-day mining controversy, complete with a murder mystery. Money in the Ground by Brian Cabell
Chabot, Larry - UP author who writes about history in the 1930s and 1940s, the CCC, and the UP in World War II. The U.P. Goes to War by Larry Chabot Saving Our Sons by Larry Chabot
Dillman, Chris Shanley - The historical novel Finding My Light follows 16-year-old Emma Truckey's adventures as she helps her mother run the Marquette Michigan Lighthouse while her father is away fighting in the Civil War—based on a true story. Finding My Light by Chris Shanley Dillman
One Little Balsam Fir by Lesley DuTempleR is for Raccoon by Lesley DuTempleDuTemple, Lesley - is an award winning author of more than two dozen children's books. Her work ranges from pre-school (One Little Balsam Fir) through high school reading level (The Complete Idiot's Guide to Life Science).
Edwards, Clif - A Michigan State police officer tells of lessons learned in the line of duty Paths Crossed by Clif Edwards

Emerick, Lon and Lynn - Award-Winning Books from the North Country by Lynn and Lon Emerick. Enjoy the beauty, history (and humor) of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Sharing the Journey by Lon Emerick The Lumberjack by Lon Emerick The Superior Peninsula by Lon Emerick
Going Back to Central by Lon Emerick Paradise North by Lon Emerick You Wouldn't Like it Here by Lon Emerick You Still Wouldn't Like it Here by Lon Emerick
Camping in Cloverland with Henry Ford by Guy ForstromForstrom, Guy - has family roots in Dickinson County, in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, going back four generations.
Frontiera, Deborah - Frontiera is an award-winning children's author of the Eric and the Enchanted Leaf series and Living on Sisu about the 1913 Union Copper Strike and Italian Hall Tragedy which won First Place for historical fiction in the Purple Dragonfly Awards. Her other books range from photographic histories of the Keweenaw to a book on her family's battle with Child Protective Services. g
Goloversic, Mary Brandt - Local Upper Michigan author who writes with a Christian message. Living on the Edge by Mary Brandt Goloversic Raging Fire by Mary Brandt Goloversic
Hamilton, Steve - award-winning author of the Alex McKnight mystery series, set around Paradise and Sault Ste. Marie, as well as several other novels. Cold Day In Paradise by Steve Hamilton Die a Stranger by Steve Hamilton Misery Bay by Steve Hamilton
Harju, Jerry - The noted local newspaper columnist, Jerry Harju's many books include novels and essays. Northern Reflections by Jerry Harju Northern D'Lights by Jerry Harju
Northern Passages by Jerry Harju Here's What I Think by Jerry Harju Way Back When by Jerry Harju Cold Cash by Jerry Harju
Hill, Richard - Author of Lake Effect: A Deckhand's Journey on the Great Lakes Freighters and Hitchhiking After Dark. Lake Effect: A Deckhand's Journey on the Great Lakes Freighters by Richard Hill Hitchhiking After Dark: Offbeat Stories from a Small Town By Richard Hill
Huttenstine, Jan - Author of Remotely Yours: A Historic Journey Into the Whitefish Point Area, the first in a series. Remotely Yours: A Historic Journey Into the Whitefish Point Area by Jan Huttenstine

Jackson, Jim - Author of the Seamus McCree mystery series, which includes Cabin Fever, set in Iron County.

Jackson, Jim - Author of the Seamus McCree mystery series, which includes Cabin Fever, set in Iron County
Kinnunen, Mary - Mary Kinnunen is Founding Editor & Publisher of the Marquette Monthly. Peninsula Crossword by Mary Kinnunen
Kluck, Kevin and Randy - The Kluck brothers have put together a well-researched guide to Upper Peninsula taverns, bars and Microbreweries. Yooper Bars by Kevin and Randy Kluck
Laurila, Mel - A graduate of Michigan Technological University with B.S. and M.S. degrees in metallurgical engineering, he is very familiar with the mines in Michigan’s Copper Country. Mine Games by Mel Laurila
Longtine, Sonny - Author of Marquette Then & Now and several other favorites including the recently released Wading in Blood: Murder in Michigan. Wading in Blood - Murder in Michigan by Sonny Longtine
Mukkala, Ben - Ben Mukkala writes about the iron, timber, and copper industries of Upper Michigan, and about the outdoors and wildlife of our wonderful woodland peninsula. Sawdust and Woodchips by Ben Mukkala Come on Along by Ben Mukkala Copper, Timber, Iron and Heart by Ben Mukkala
The Gift of Wings: An Autobiography of Life in the Sky by Ben Mukkala Touring Guide: Big Bay and Huron Mountains by Ben Mukkala Thoughts Along the Way: Secrets of a Happy Life by Ben Mukkala Life is Not a Destination by Ben Mukkala
Mullen, Barbara - author of several books, including Dominic's Daughter, a memoir about her mother Ruth Hogan, who grew up in South Marquette at the beginning of the twentieth century. Dominic's Daughter by Barbara Mullen
O'Hara, Colleen - Author of The Butterfly Woman, as well as designer of water coloring books and note cards. The Butterfly Woman by Colleen O'Hara Jackson
Oja, Dan - author of Ordinary Heroes: Six Stars in the Window, a non-fiction historical book about six brothers serving in World War II. The brothers were from West Ishpeming, MI, so the book contains significant detail about the Upper Peninsula from the 1930s to the mid-1940s. Digital versions and a documentary video are also available. Ordinary Heroes: Six Stars in the Window by Dan Oja
My Heart Smiles by Diana Oman, Illistrated by Colleen O'HaraOman, Diana (author) and Colleen O'Hara (illustrator) - My Heart Smiles is the high vibration, feel good ABC book the world has been waiting for to instill confidence and joy in children of all ages.

Parland, John - Harvesting the Wilderness. This unique U.P. history book tells the story of the Tyoga Lumber Company, Onota Township and much of Alger County, as well as serving as a microcosm of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan’s history, including Native American, logging, and mining history.

Harvesting the Wilderness by John Parland
Preston, Gretchen - Author of the children's book Valley Cats: The Adventures of Boonie and River, the first in a series that takes place in Upper Michigan. Valley Cats 'The Adventures of Boonie and River" by Gretchen Preston More Valley Cats: Fun, Games and New Friends by Gretchen Preston
Rankin, Carroll Watson - The grandmother of Marquette Fiction – Carroll Watson Rankin was the first author to set a novel in Marquette, disguised as "Lakeville." Dandelion Cottage is the story of four girls who use a church cottage as their playhouse in the summer. Published in 1904, the novel was followed by several sequels and Watson went on to write numerous children’s books. The book is available from the Marquette Regional History Center. Dandilion Cottage by Carroll Watson Rankin The Cinder Pond by Carroll Watson Rankin
Riekki, Ron - Ron Riekki has an M.F.A. in Theater Arts from Brandeis University, an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Virginia, and a Ph.D. in Literature & Creative Writing from Western Michigan University.  U.P. by Ron Riekki
Robertson, Alan - Crime and suspense novels set in Upper Michigan. The Money Belt by Alan Robertson

Sawaski, James - Sawaski is the author of an engaging novel about how the Escanaba Eskimos Chess Team goes to a tournament and the horrific consequences that result. Keep an eye out for the sequel!

The Chess Team by James Sawaski
Shiel, Lisa - Novels and non-fiction about Bigfoot in Upper Michigan  
Stange Michigan by Linda S. Godfrey and Lisa Shiel Backyard Bigfoot  by Lisa Shiel The Hunt for Bigfoot  by Lisa Shiel Lord of the Dead  by Lisa Shiel

Smolens, John - The award-winning author John Smolens writes about everything from prison escapes in the U.P. to historical novels about the American Revolution and McKinley and Kennedy Assassinations.

Cold by John Smolens Fire Point by John Smolens
Szukalowski, Marvin - Upper Michigan Native Marv Szukalowski offers advice and wisdom while telling his personal story of overcoming alcoholism. A Simple Man's Psychology by Marvin Szukalowski
Traver, Robert (pseudonym of John Voelker) - the great U.P. court case and source for the film starring Jimmy Stewart and Lee Remick. John Voelker wrote numerous novels, essays, and short story collections set in Upper Michigan. Anatomy of a Murder by Robert Traver
  Trout Magic by Robert Traver Trout Madness by Robert Traver Traver on Fishing by Robert Traver
Ward, L.E. - Poet from Iron River, MI writes about going to the Delft Theatre as a boy in the 1940s and 1950s, along with many poems to family, growing up, and honoring movies and movie stars. Read my review of "The Child Who Loved Movies" in the Marquette Monthly. The Collected Poems of L.E. Ward
  The Child Who Loved Movies by L.E. Ward Portraits of Life by L.E. Ward The Secret Life of L.E. Ward by L.E. Ward
Williams, Matthew - Upper Michigan Mysteries Superior Dilemma: A Lake Superior Mystery by Matthew Williams Superior Deception by Matthew Williams Superior Death by Matthew Williams

Winters, Donna - Author of the Great Lakes Romances Series

Mackinac by Donna Winters Jenny of L'Anse Bay by Donna Winters Fayette-A Time to Love by Donna Winters