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More King Arthur Websites

Modern Arthurian Fiction

King Arthur Reading List - an extensive list of Arthurian fiction

Marion Zimmer Bradley - author of the The Mists of Avalon and its prequels

Cheryl Carpinello - author of Guinevere: On the Eve of Legend and Young Knights of The Round Table

Bernard Cornwell - author of The Warlord Trilogy

Nicole Evelina - author of an upcoming novel on Guinevere - visit her blog on all things Arthuriana

Kim Headlee - author of Dawnflight, an Arthurian novel that restores Guinevere's reputation 

David Pilling - author of Caesar's Sword, a novel of Arthur's grandson

Elizabeth Wein - author of The Winter Prince and its sequels that take the Arthurian legend to Ethiopia!

Jack Whyte - author of The Camulod Chronicles

Arthurian History

King Arthur & True British History – The Official Website of Alan Wilson & Baram Blackett

Arthurian Literature & Scholarship – Medieval to Victorian

Arthuriana – The Journal of Arthurian Studies

Arthurnet – The Arthurnet Online Discussion Group

Arthurian Art

Arthurian Art – Arthurian art divided by artists

Arthurian Images – Arthurian art images divided into historical periods

Need an Arthurian Image? – an index of online images of the Arthurian legend

King Arthur in Popular Culture

Las Vegas’ Excalibur Casino

The Table Round - Audio Drama in the Age of Arthur

Miscellaneous Arthuriana

Authors Caitlin and John Matthews official site - explore the myths of Britain and Ireland, uncover the Celtic and Arthurian mysteries, explore the shamanic possibilities and create rituals that honour the ancestral ways and tell the ancient stories that our descendants will remember.

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