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About the Author

Tyler R. Tichelaar has a Ph.D. in Literature from Western Michigan University and Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in English from Northern Michigan University. He is the owner of Marquette Fiction, his own publishing company; Superior Book Productions, a professional editing, proofreading, book layout, and website design and maintenance service; and the current president of the U.P. Publishers and Authors Association. He is also considered a local expert on Marquette history and is proud to be a seventh generation Marquette resident.

Tyler began writing his first novel at age sixteen in 1987. In 2006, he published his first novel, Iron Pioneers: The Marquette Trilogy, Book One. Fifteen more books have followed. In 2008, Tyler won first place in the historical fiction category in the Reader Views Literary Awards for his novel Narrow Lives (2008). He has since sponsored that contest, offering the Tyler R. Tichelaar Award for Historical Fiction. In 2011, Tyler was awarded the Marquette County Outstanding Writer Award, and the same year, he received the Barb Kelly Award for Historical Preservation for his efforts to promote Marquette history. Tyler also writes on such diverse topics as nineteenth century Gothic fiction ( and historical fantasies about King Arthur ( Tyler remains engrossed in writing about Marquette and Upper Michigan as microcosms for the greater American story.

Tyler's Writing Career

1982 - Publishes poem in The Mining Journal at age 11.
1985 - Short story "The Ghost of Stonegate Woods" on Public Radio.
1986 - "The Ghost of Stonegate Woods" video Upper Michigan Today.
1987 - Begins first novel The Only Thing That Lasts.
1987 - "The Blizzard of Oz" published in Oziana 1987.
1988 - Receives Honorable Mention in the Michigan Youth Arts Festival.
1994 - Receives Ronald Kapp award for article in Michigan Academician.
1995 - M.A. Thesis King Arthur's Children in Fiction and Tradition.
1999 - Publishes article in Arthuriana.
1999 - Begins writing The Marquette Trilogy.
2000 - Doctoral Dissertation The Gothic Wanderer: From Transgression to Redemption.
2000 - Presents paper at Edward Bulwer-Lytton Conference--Univ. of London.
2005 - Establishes MARQUETTE FICTION.
2006 - Iron Pioneers, The Marquette Trilogy: Book One is published (February).
2006 - The Queen City, The Marquette Trilogy: Book Two is published (August).
2007 - Interviewed on Authors Access Internet Radio (March).
2007 - Becomes regular Guest co-Host on Authors Access Internet Radio (June).
2007 - Superior Heritage, The Marquette Trilogy: Book Three is published (April).
2007 - Establishes SUPERIOR BOOK PROMOTIONS/MQT Reviews, a division.
          of Marquette Fiction, a full editing, proofreading, and book review service.
2007 - Elected Vice-President of the Upper Peninsula Publishers & Authors
2008 - Speaks at Bestseller Publishing Institute, Maui, Hawaii.
2008 - Publishes Narrow Lives, his fourth novel, is published(April).
2008 - Becomes President of the Upper Peninsula Publishers & Authors Association (June).
2008 - Co-editor with Irene Watson and Victor R. Volkman of Authors Access: 30 Success
          Secrets for Authors and Publishers
2009 - Narrow Lives wins First Place for Historical Fiction in the Reader Views Readers
          Choice Literary Awards (March).
2009 - The Only Thing That Lasts, his fifth novel, is published (March).
2010 - My Marquette is published (September).
2010 - Tyler's short story "Flannel Shirt" is published in the journal Recovering the Self and           nominated for a Pushcart Prize.
2011 - King Arthur's Children: A Study in Fiction and Tradition is published (January) and
          the website is launched.
2011 - May 2011 - Tyler receives the Barb H. Kelly Historic Preservation Award from the
          Marquette Beautification and Restoration Committee for Preserving History
          through Writing, and Tyler receives the Outstanding Writer award from the
          Marquette County Arts Awards.
2012 - publishes Spirit of the North: a paranormal romance(April).
2012 - publishes The Gothic Wanderer through Modern History Press (September) and the           website is launched.
2012 – publishes Creating a Local Historical Book: Fiction and Non-Fiction Genres through           Modern History Press (November).
2013 – publishes The Best Place, his seventh novel (June).
2014 - Superior Book Promotions merges with Storytellers' Friend to become Superior Book
2014 - Tyler is accepted by the Library of Michigan for its database of Michigan Authors &           Illustrators.
2014 - Arthur's Legacy: The Children of Arthur, Book One is published.
2014 - Willpower, Tyler's original play about Will Adams, Marquette's Ossified Man,
          premieres at Kaufman Auditorium in Marquette on September 18 and 19.
2015 – Melusine’s Gift: The Children of Arthur, Book Two is published.
2015 - Ogier's Prayer: The Children of Arthur, Book Three is published
2016 - Iron Pioneers, The Ten-Year Anniversary Edition is published


"I still write. What can I do?" - Jean-Paul Sartre